Harmonization & mergers

The reasons for a merger or acquisition can be numerous: obtaining economies of scale, realizing synergy and/or strengthening the competitive position. Whatever the reason may be, the financial interests are enormous in most cases.

Pension interests frequently play a large role in the aftermath of a merger or acquisition. Generally speaking, significant pension savings have been accumulated at the pension fund or insurer of each of the merger partners. Those pension savings play an important role during the due diligence valuation of the companies. Also, attention should be paid to the pension interests of the employees of each of the merger partners. How do you harmonize the employee benefits of the merger partners? How does the merger/acquisition lead to the highest combined benefit, including with respect to the (harmonized) pension scheme? How do you create sufficient support for the merger within the new organization? Insufficient attention to these issues frequently leads to large and unforeseen problems.

OXYLO brings you the necessary practical experience to complete these merger/acquisition processes successfully. In the whole chain of exploration, communication, integration and implementation OXYLO is able to support you.

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