Implementations & conversions

Several situations can occur which give rise to a modification of your employee’s pension scheme, including:

  • you want to modify the pension scheme to increase transparency and/or reduce costs;
  • your pension scheme will be administered by another pension provider;
  • you have reached a new agreement with your current pension provider;
  • a merger or acquisition has taken place.

In order to adapt the pension scheme to the new situation, your pension pension provider will carry out modifications in its administration system. Experience shows that such conversion routes require additional effort, not only from the side of the pension provider, but also from the side of the company. This effort generally relates to monitoring the process, monitoring the financial consequences of the conversion and keeping the employees informed during the project.

OXYLO has many years of experience in managing these types of implementations and conversion processes. Thanks to an excellent knowledge of the insurance market, OXYLO assures an effective cooperation with your pension provider both during and after the conversion process.

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