VBI is Europe's largest producer of canal plate floors. The 800 devoted employees of VBI work to create value by offering appropriate solutions to several construction partners. They realize this by providing innovative solutions such as prefab concepts that lead to significant energy savings of more than 60% at new offices. VBI offers a group pension scheme to its staff. The pension plan is partially administered by the Industrial Pension Fund for the Concrete Product Industry, partially by an insurer. VBI pays off an annual pension contribution of about 15% of total salaries.


Pension purchase and implementation


Contracts with pension providers are generally closed for a period of five years. Well before the end of the contract OXYLO investigated with VBI the criteria the provider would have to satisfy for the new contract period. On a tender basis, OXYLO entered into negotiations with some potential providers. On the basis of a final offer from the remaining parties pre-determined criteria, the most suitable party was selected. OXYLO now supports VBI with the effective implementation of the pension scheme within the insurer's systems.  


So far, the project has led to the following results:

  • a cost saving of €200,000 over the new contract period;
  • a better insight into the group pension scheme's cost structure;
  • a correct conversion of the negotiated conditions in the legal documents in accordance with the Pension Act;
  • a structured implementation route and insight in the financial impact of the conversion on the company’s current account.


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