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Double Effect is a young and dynamic consultancy specialized in strategy translation and implementation. Within the financial industry (banks, leasing and insurance companies) Double Effect aims to enhance the commercial effectiveness of operational processes. Double Effect differentiates itself by total client focus, a flexible and objective approach, innovative performance commitments and a high degree of professionalism of its employees. Double Effect attains this by offering tailor made training programs that match seamlessly with the present knowledge level of its professionals.


Risk Management training program


In cooperation with the training coordinator of Double Effect, OXYLO developed a tailor made training program to improve the professional’s ability to assess insurance risks. By having intake interviews with some of the course participants, we realized an optimal match between the training material on one hand and the already present knowledge of the professional on the other hand. During the training the participants were invited to participate actively by experimenting with the course material themselves. The workshops contained two real life cases being figured out by the participants.


At the end of the course the participant had a better insight into the dynamics within the insurance industry and the role of actuarial risks. It became clear which measures are taken by insurance companies to master this risk and how insurance products are valuated. Thanks to the cases, the course participant was able to make a valuation of an insurance portfolio and a number of elementary insurance products. Finally the training provided the course participant insight into the role of an actuary within an insurance company and the activities he or she performs there.


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